Hi, I’m Victor Cheng.

As a CEO coach for founders of SaaS companies, I specialize in businesses that are growing 100% per year and work with SaaS founders who are transitioning to professional CEOs. I’m the author of Extreme Revenue Growth and have been featured as a business expert by Fox Business Television Network, MSNBC, TIME magazine, The Wall Street JournalHarvard Business Review, Fortune Small Business, SmartMoney, ForbesInc. Magazine, and Entrepreneur magazine.

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Latest Blog Posts

Stagflation Threatens SaaS in 2022

The single biggest threat I see to SaaS companies for the remainder of 2022 and into 2023 is stagflation. In an informal survey, I was surprised how many CEOs were not familiar with this term.

The Key Differences between NRR and ARR

In SaaS businesses, you see a lot of acronyms. This article focuses on two specific acronyms: NRR and ARR. They are often used in the same context but have very different meanings. I’ll cover the

6 Indirect Distribution Channels (for SaaS)

Today, I’ll be talking about indirect sales channels, or indirect distribution channels, for SaaS businesses. To kick off, realize that there are two different categories of sales or distribution channels to reach and sell to

Direct Distribution Channels or Sales Channels

Today, I’ll be talking about direct distribution channels, or direct sales channels, for SaaS businesses. As a reminder, there are two different categories of distribution channels: direct and indirect. A direct sales or distribution channel

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