SaaS SDR/BDR Shortage

Many of the CEOs I’m working with have been complaining about the difficulties of hiring experienced sales development representatives (SDRs) and business development representatives (BDRs). I’ve also been looking at various human capital data sets

When to Use SaaS Venture Debt Financing

Venture debt has become an increasingly popular way to finance SaaS businesses. Venture debt lenders typically lend more than a traditional bank loan or line, but they require a higher interest rate (and often warrants

After Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

When you have a product that works, it solves the customers’ problems, and the customers are happy, congratulations, you’ve just achieved product-market fit. The question is: What’s next? The obvious but slightly simplistic answer is

SaaS: Demand vs. Lead Generation

Many SaaS companies have a demand generation function within marketing. I think the term “demand generation” is terribly misguided. There is no such thing as generating demand. Demand either exists or does not. If demand

Olympic Gold for SaaS Founders

One of the key principles I teach my founder CEOs is the importance of finding a gap in the marketplace to focus on. If you do exactly what your competitors do, product-wise, and target the

Net Revenue Retention — Why it Matters a Lot

In recurring revenue businesses, there are various measures of churn or revenue retention worth paying attention to. Today, I’ll focus on net revenue retention (NRR). While many hear this term and know investors ask about

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