The “Professional” CEO

I’m sometimes asked what makes a hired “professional” CEO different than a founder CEO. The obvious answer is experience. Some great questions to ask are: “What does experience specifically give a ‘professional’ CEO that is

The Lie Called SaaS Demand Generation

Most well-established marketing departments in SaaS companies have one or more people in demand generation or “demand gen.” I have always hated this term because I think it completely misunderstands the purpose (and the limits)

SaaS Exit: Strategic Buyer vs. Financial Buyer

I received a few emails in response to my article on SaaS capital markets. I thought I’d address one of the questions: What is the main difference between a “financial buyer” vs. a “strategic buyer”?

SaaS Companies & Capital Markets

Many of the companies I work with are self-funded when I start working with their CEO. There is a time and place to raise outside capital (which I will cover in a separate article in

The 3 Prerequisites to Scaling a SaaS Business

Silicon Valley culture is hyper-focused on growth and scalability. There is a right time to grow and scale. Many founder CEOs get the timing wrong. The three prerequisites to effectively scaling are: Product/Market Fit Sales

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