Scaling the SaaS CEO

For decades, I’ve expressed the idea that if you want to scale revenue, you need to scale your skills as a CEO. Intuitively, it’s unrealistic to grow your sales by 50% to 100% per year

Assess, Decide, and Act Cycle

Over the last two years, I’ve been active in my local emergency response volunteer community. I’ve participated in several mass casualty training exercises (e.g., earthquakes, plane crashes, collapsed building structures). In several of those exercises,

What SaaS CFOs Do

The topic of when, how, and why to hire your first CFO has come up not once, but three different times this week. Once a business crosses $2 million in sales, there is a strong

Charlie Munger & Mental Models

Warren Buffett’s right-hand man is Charlie Munger. I’ve read transcripts from several of Munger’s speeches, and I really love the multidisciplinary way he approaches investment decisions. When he cites the idea of market niches as

You Win Some, You Learn Some…

Most people see the world through the lens of success vs. failures, or winners vs. losers. While our world certainly has competitive aspects to it, it’s worthwhile to ask the following: Is it useful? Is

The Sniff Test

I’ve worked with a number of high-performing CEOs over the years. The best of them all had a unique skill that’s far less common with founder CEOs. It’s the ability to manage via the “sniff

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