SaaS Companies & Capital Markets

Many of the companies I work with are self-funded when I start working with their CEO. There is a time and place to raise outside capital (which I will cover in a separate article in

The 3 Prerequisites to Scaling a SaaS Business

Silicon Valley culture is hyper-focused on growth and scalability. There is a right time to grow and scale. Many founder CEOs get the timing wrong. The three prerequisites to effectively scaling are: Product/Market Fit Sales

Cascade of Errors

I first heard of the phrase “cascade of errors” from a friend of mine who was a private pilot. As part of his desire to be a competent and safe pilot of private planes, he

Scaling the SaaS CEO

For decades, I’ve expressed the idea that if you want to scale revenue, you need to scale your skills as a CEO. Intuitively, it’s unrealistic to grow your sales by 50% to 100% per year

Assess, Decide, and Act Cycle

Over the last two years, I’ve been active in my local emergency response volunteer community. I’ve participated in several mass casualty training exercises (e.g., earthquakes, plane crashes, collapsed building structures). In several of those exercises,

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