Top 30 Venture Capital Firms [2022]


If you’re looking for funds to grow your software as a service (SaaS) startup fast, I recommend venture capital (VC) firms as your first source. The reason is that SaaS venture capital investors nurture your business idea before exiting, increasing your chance of success.

Since SaaS investors work with hundreds of companies like yours, they link you with experts and top talent in your field. They can also connect you with potential partners, mentors, customers, and future investors.

Below, I have compiled a list of prominent SaaS venture capital firms to get you started.

One renowned SaaS VC firm is Accel. With nearly 40 years of experience, the firm has supported well-known companies like Facebook, Slack, Spotify, and Etsy.

SaaS products within Accel’s portfolio include: AdRoll, a digital marketing retargeting software; PackLink, a logistics solution; and DocuSign, a leading digital-signature application.

Bessemer Venture Partners has invested in and helped grow superior SaaS products like Shopify, Twilio, and PagerDuty. The SaaS venture capital firm has also taken part in 130 IPOs over the past five decades.

Consider Bessemer Venture Partners if you want a SaaS investor who understands the intricacies of developing your company.

This California-based SaaS VC firm supports businesses dealing in finance, internet, energy, healthcare, mobile, and enterprise industries. It helps many SaaS entrepreneurs realize their dreams every year.

Sequoia Capital has invested in over 1,200 companies since 1972. These include Namely, an HR platform, and Zarget, a web optimization and marketing platform.

This SaaS investor pools its resources and efforts to fund B2B, SaaS, and enterprise startups. It invests about $500k to $4 million+ per venture and supports them with expertise.

Among the startups that SaaStr has supported are Automile, Mixmax, and Teamable.

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, Andreessen Horowitz, also known as a16z, invests in all stages of tech companies across the enterprise, consumer, fintech, crypto, and healthcare spaces.

They assign their $2.7 billion to companies mainly in SaaS, big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technologies. Some of the top startups that Andreessen Horowitz has supported include Journera, Alluxio, and Granular.

This venture capital firm provides early-stage funding predominantly to SaaS entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas. They support startups with business processes, managing operations, marketing, and scaling.

Significant achievements of Costanoa Ventures include: Alation, a data accessibility solution; Elevate Security, a SaaS data security platform; and Skedulo, a mobile workforce management application.

Based in Berlin, Point Nine dedicates its SaaS VC funds to startups and B2B marketplaces. Examples of the VC’s successful projects are a container logistics platform called Container xChange and an HR solution for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) known as Factorial.

Helping tech founders develop cutting-edge solutions, PROfounders Capital is an entrepreneur-oriented venture capital firm that gives companies access to many experienced partners who own successful business empires.

This VC firm has supported SaaS startups like Tweetdeck, a robust social media data management tool, and a staffing platform called Syft.

Founded in 1966, Northzone is an early-stage SaaS investor that has worked with over 130 businesses. It has backed outstanding ventures like, Spotify, and Trustpilot.

Among the SaaS products under Northzone’s portfolio are an employee and customer satisfaction reporting software called HappyOrNot and a point-of-sale (POS) solution known as iZettle.

Since 1977, New Enterprise Associates (NEA) has invested over $19 billion in tech and healthcare companies. The SaaS VC firm offers expertise and industry insights to help its companies improve their operations.

Among the companies that NEA has supported include VividCortex, a data management system, and MindTickle, a cloud-based training platform.

Based in the Netherlands, Prime Ventures backs tech-related entrepreneurs with the capital and expertise to make them global business leaders. They manage about €750 million, focusing on software, eCommerce, communications, digital media, and infrastructure services.

Prime Ventures’ SaaS investment projects include, a social media marketing platform, and an audience insight management tool called Mediaocean (formerly 4C Insights).

Founded in 2012, Forum Ventures (formerly Acceleprise) is a SaaS venture capital firm that invests in early-stage B2B companies that offer disruptive SaaS solutions. The firm has notable mentors who work side-by-side with companies as they grow their businesses.

The startups that Forum Ventures invests in benefit from funds and top-notch education on expansion opportunities. Examples include Datch, Pulse Q&A, and AdInMo.

This global SaaS investment firm focuses on technology and healthcare. It has offices in India, China, Japan, and the UK. Besides funding, the VC firm advises companies on recruitment, operations, and marketing.

Some SaaS investments by Eight Roads include the Neo4j data-graphing platform, ForceClouds cloud solution for life sciences, and the Silot AI platform for banks.

Based in San Francisco, 500 Startups has over $1.8 billion in assets to invest in companies struggling with early-stage capital. The venture capital backs more than 2,200 tech startups, including Udemy, Canva, Intercom, GitHub, and Grab. Examples of the VC’s top SaaS investments include Inagrab, Ovation, and YayPay.

Founders of innovative, disruptive technologies can approach Boldstart Ventures for early-stage funding. Examples of SaaS projects they have funded include Catalytic, a performance optimization tool, and BigID, a data security and management solution. Tech giants like Google and LinkedIn have acquired some of their startups.

Another VC company that focuses on SaaS businesses is Atlanta Ventures. The firm provides capital and connects startups with mentors to help entrepreneurs actualize their ideas. Examples of their successful projects include WideAngle, a meeting preparation platform, and SalesLoft, an enterprise sales engagement tool.

If you want a SaaS VC firm that evaluates business ideas based on merit and entrepreneurial ability, go to Matrix Partners. David Skok, a general partner at the firm, is a core participant in the SaaS Survey, a distinguished annual report in the SaaS industry.

Matrix Partners prides itself on backing top SaaS brands like HubSpot, Zendesk, and Carbon Black.

Companies under AngelPad get an average of $14 million in funding. The firm helps SaaS startups establish product-market fit, define target markets, prepare for fundraising, and more. They have helped launch DroneDeploy, Beamery, Pipedrive, and Fieldwire.

This VC firm specializes in empowering SaaS companies with funds and expertise through their experienced team of mentors and advisors. They also help entrepreneurs find new investors to develop the seed stage of their businesses.

SaaS Venture Capital has funded projects like a call center optimization company called Balto and a risk assessment and management software called SCYTHE.

If you have an innovative idea focused on industrial tech, IT infrastructure tech, and mobile and consumer-internet services, Battery Ventures can support you. The firm has garnered an expansive team of experienced tech experts since it was founded in 1983. Their top SaaS ventures include Collibra, Stella Connect, and

OpenView Venture Partners is a great SaaS venture capital firm for startups aspiring to grow into industry leaders. Besides monetary investments, the firm helps software companies hire top talent, acquire customers, and find partners and mentors. They have helped companies like Deputy and Highspot to monetize their ideas and expand.

This Dublin-based SaaS VC firm invests primarily in the seed stage of tech companies whose leaders are innovative and dynamic. They provide capital and expertise, thanks to their team of industry experts and retired business owners.

Frontline has many notable SaaS projects, including a compliance software known as AQMetrics and a data-workflow platform called Astronomer.

This SaaS venture capital firm is one of the most flexible investors — supporting both small and large tech companies to expand. They have a team of seasoned executives who help startups develop their ideas.

Among the SaaS projects that Insight Partners has supported are Enverus (formerly Drillinginfo), Campaign Monitor, and Appriss.

Since 2008, Frog Capital has funded over 100 companies that deal with enterprise-level tech solutions in Europe. Examples of SaaS companies they have backed include Vulog, Dealflo, and DynamicAction.

The London-based firm typically injects €5 million to €20 million of growth capital in companies with a net worth between €3 million and €30 million.

83North is a global SaaS investor, managing nearly $2 billion in venture capital. It helps consumer and enterprise companies become global giants. Among the SaaS companies they have backed are iZettle and Cooldata.

Since 1998, Ventech has supported early-stage startups in many different sectors with investments ranging from €2 million to €5 million each round. With offices in Europe and China, they mainly focus on European and Asian businesses.

Ventech has worked with startups like Albacross, a lead generation and marketing platform, and a talent management SaaS solution called 365Talents.

Molten Ventures (formerly Draper Esprit) helps European SaaS startups grow to become global innovation leaders. They provide long-term funding and expertise through mentors and industry experts.

Draper Esprit has supported a satellite imagery software called Iceye and a business cloud platform known as Netronome.

Twice a year, this SaaS VC firm invests $500k in each startup they take on. They focus on those struggling with the seed stage, working intensively with those startups for three months to help them get on their feet. Y Combinator also helps to create connections with other investors.

Y Combinator has invested in more than 3,000 companies and partnered with over 6,000 founders since 2005.

Another venture capital firm that accelerates SaaS startups is The Alchemist Accelerator. With total funding of over $9.1 million, the firm has financed and guided more than 300 companies to success. Some of its significant victories include, Delightree, 4me, and Dumpling.

If you’re an innovative tech entrepreneur based in Canada, L-SPARK can help you achieve your dream through funding, talent, advisors, and marketing. To date, they have raised over $97 million with their partners. Their portfolio companies include Acerta, AideXpress, and Buildmetric.

Final Note

While venture capital firms aren’t the sole source of funds to grow your SaaS business, they offer more than just money. I hope this list helps you find a SaaS venture capital firm to help expand your company.

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